Website, YouTube Page, Social Media

28 Nov

If you need a website, YouTube page, or social media page setup contact Kudo Studios.

We work with artists and small business, mostly in entertainment, setting up and maintaining online presence. We have created the site for artist Emaculent, BynateL.ATubeblogger, and more (link: web productions.)

Read about our Setup Packages below.

Blog Design & Setup Package  $100

– Using your graphics and specifications we will design a template and setup a blog on a or website.

– Additional services:

– Domain name purchase and setup + $25*

If the name you want is available we will handle the purchase, registration (for a year), and apply the address to your blog. Get now!

*If the address is in high demand the price may vary.

– Graphic Design + $75

As a special inclusion when you get the Blog design package, we will photoshop up to 5 images ($250 value).

Anything you want fixed, or one graphic/logo created, for a low price. Including:

  • 1 Logo Creation
  • Background removed/changed.
  • Adding watermark/info to images.
  • Color or quality correction of footage/images you wish to use.

Social Media

Include social media in your online strategy to gain subscribers and followers, and of course to meet new people (which is what networking is really about). The number of subscribers you have, although it may sound vain, is a very important source of traffic, especially when you have a new update.

When you have a website to post your message it is easy to share that message across several networks.

We can set your site up to automatically share your latest blog/website article to your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+. Or show you how to easily share it across multiple mediums. The manual way is usually the best.

Another often overlooked social media strategy is the mailing list. You might have many fans who would like a weekly, monthly, or even daily update of your quest. We can help create email templates where you can share all your daily/weekly/monthly updates, in a cool digest form. And how to get started collecting subscriber emails.

Profile or Fanpage setup +$25

Need to get started on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ ?

We can help design the page, set it up to share your site content, or teach you how.

Integration with website: 

Adding the buttons to “like” your Facebook page, or Follow on Twitter, or subscribe to the website will all be included in the blog setup package when you already have created the profiles on the networks.

YouTube Profile Setup – +$25 – Also see our info page for Short Video Production by Kudo Studios and TubeBlogger.

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